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i  honestly got goosebumps

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Brand New’s mic stand.

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I feel like the stress over fire academy is so real but I mean once I pass ill feel so much damn better.

I just want to seriously work on my videos , photography and writing. I even want to become a booknerd again I miss reading books a lot. I even miss staying in and watching netflix instead of going out. I miss skating around alone , I miss climbing things , I miss going on the lightrail for three hours just slipping in and out of sleep as the people slip in and out. I miss sitting on the bus listening to spanish people yelling at each other.

I guess I really miss alone time and I guess I’ll work on getting that back.

I feel like most the guys I’m friends with want to hookup with me and that’s really sad for them.


Now I know how my ex girlfriends felt when I’d say that type of shit.

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I like your body :)

Thank you <3